Friday, July 12, 2013

Inventor HSM Express – The Free CAM Solution for Inventor Users – Beta Invitation

You're looking for an integrated CAM solution to use with Autodesk Inventor.

Potential Solution:
Check out the Inventor HSM Express Beta tools.

From the Autodesk CAM Team:
The Autodesk CAM Team has launched the official Public Beta of Inventor HSM Express, a free 2-1/2 Axis CAM solution for Inventor users.

Powered by HSMWorks CAM technology, Inventor HSM Express has all the capabilities of HSMXpress – the Free CAM Solution for SolidWorks and is seamlessly integrated inside the design environment of Autodesk Inventor. This integration allows Inventor users to take advantage of workflow and tools they are used to when programming CNC toolpaths for their 2.5D machining projects.

If you are an experienced Inventor user we could really use your help. Our goal is to have a CAM solution so tightly integrated with Inventor that you don’t perceive any difference when switching between the   modeling environment and the CAM environment. Your feedback is crucial in helping us achieve this goal. And, for those of you with CNC programming experience, we would love to hear your first impressions in working with our new CAM tools.

If you'd like  to participate in our Beta but don’t have Autodesk Inventor you can download a 30-day trial at this link:

To participate in the Inventor HSM Express Beta and watch a quick preview of Inventor HSM Express, you can visit this link: