Tuesday, July 3, 2012

iLogic: Get File Information for the Selected Component

You want to find the file name or path of a selected component in your iLogic rule.

Here is a quick iLogic snippet that will demonstrate how to work with the selected component file and path. In this example the file name, file name without extension, file path, and the full path and file name are written to a message box.

'------------ start of ilogic--------------------
'get currently selected component
Dim oOccurrence as ComponentOccurrence
  oOccurrence = ThisDoc.Document.SelectSet.Item(1)
  MessageBox.Show("Please select a component before running this rule.", "iLogic")
End Try

Dim doc As Document
Dim CurFileName As String

'set the selected item
oOccurrence = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.SelectSet.Item(1)

'get the selected item document occurrence name
doc = oOccurrence.Definition.Document

'get the path and file name of the selected item
CurFileName = doc.FullFileName

'defines backslash as the subdirectory separator
Dim strCharSep As String = System.IO.Path.DirectorySeparatorChar

'find the postion of the last backslash in the path
FNamePos = InStrRev(CurFileName, "\", -1)   
'get the file name with the file extension
Name = Right(CurFileName, Len(CurFileName) - FNamePos)
'get the file name (without extension)
ShortName = Left(Name, Len(Name) - 4)
'get the path of the folder containing the file
Folder_Location = Left(CurFileName, Len(CurFileName) - Len(Name))

MessageBox.Show("File Name: " & Name _
& vblf & "File Name without extension: " & ShortName _
& vblf & "File Path: " & Folder_Location _
& vblf & "Path and File Name: " & CurFileName, "iLogic")
'------------ end of ilogic--------------------