Monday, June 13, 2011

Problems Saving Files: Files Can Not Be Saved and Inventor Leaves Behind a .newver File

You receive and error message while trying to save a file, and realize that as a result of this error you can not save the file you've been working on. When you look in the folder you attempted to save to, you notice a sort of temporary file that Inventor seems to have created while trying to save your file that has the term .newver appended to the file name. For instance you tried to save a file called 34-062.idw and Inventor created a file called 34-062.newver.idw, but it is not usable. How can this be resolved?
Knowing the exact cause of this issue is a bit difficult, and I suspect it is related to several different causes. But in most cases some error has interrupted the save process, and left your file in a bit of limbo, where it seemingly can not be recovered by using Save or Save As or Save Copy As. But you can often (I'm not sure that I can saw "always") recover your work without having to start over by using this little trick.

First click the drop down arrow on the Inventor Application button so that you see the flyout menu:

From the flyout menu select Manage and then Refresh:

This will reload the file and (often) allow you to save it normally.

Understanding the .newver File
The creation of the .newver file is part of Inventor's normal save process. When you save an Inventor file, a version of it is created and moved into the OldVersions folder, then a .newver file is created, such as MyFile.newver.ipt where MyFile.ipt is the file name. When Inventor completes the creation of the final file it removes .newver from the file name, and you are left with the file you expected to see. But if this process is interrupted or not allowed to complete for some reason, you are left with only the .newver file.

Using the Refresh trick is only intended to help you recover your current file. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing this issue frequently, there is some underlying cause for it that you should address. This is often caused by a slow or faulty network connection, a read/write permissions issue, memory issues, graphics driver issues, or possibly a corrupt Inventor project file. Troubleshooting the underlying cause is imperative to ensuring that you don't loose work as you design, but the Refresh trick can often help you get your file saved to disk when you encounter this issue.