Sunday, June 12, 2011

Autodesk Inventor Tips from Around the Web

Here are several quick Inventor tips that I have run across on other web sites and blogs along the way. Some of these tips represent tricks and tips that I've used in the past, and some of them are tricks that I didn't think of in the past, but wish I had. All of them are worth a look. Just click each link to visit the different blogs and websites to see the full tip.

Creating a Partially Shaded Drawing View of an Assembly
You want to create a view on your drawing that has some parts shaded and some that look wire-framed, so you can show some particular detail of your assembly in your detailed drawing.

Defining Insert Points for Sketched Symbols
You have created a sketched symbol for use in your drawings, but it inserts in the wrong place, is there a way to control the insert point?

How to Create Complex Geometry: Think Simple and Use Construction Geometry
You need to create some complex curvy part or just a complex curvy feature on an otherwise straight forward part, and you're not even sure how to get started.


iFeature Placement Instructions and Custom iFeature Browser Icons
You've created an iFeature to help speed up your design of a common feature family, but getting it placed in a part requires a specific selection of planes and points. So you'd like to provide the user some instruction on how to use this feature. Oh, and also, if you could customize the browser icon for the iFeature, now that would be the cat's meow.

Coordinating BOM Item Numbers Across Top Level Assemblies, Sub-assemblies and Parts
Because of your specific workflow, you need to have item numbers that persist at the part level, so that a specific part number will list as the same Item number across your drawing set, no matter if the view references the part individually or as part of some assembly structure. Can this even be done with Inventor?

Note: Here is a variation on this tip using VBA code.

Use iLogic to link iProperties to Engraved or Embossed Text
You'd like to have your part number or some other iProperty included in a text field that is used to create an embossed or engraved feature. The goal is to have the feature update when the part number or other iProperty changes.

iCHECK IT utility to enforce CAD Standards
This utility has over 100 standard checks available to help you enforce your company CAD standards. Use this utility to avoid the poorly-produced data which can result in issues caused by a lack of consistency and standards. See it in action by downloading a free trial.

Measure the minimum distance between objects
This is a quick tip, but one that users often overlook. The measure tool allows you to measure the minimum distance between parts or sub-assemblies.

Creating and controlling Splines and spline based surfaces
This skill builder article covers the basics of working with splines and spline based surfaces. If you've not had much need or experience working with surfaces, this is a good introduction.

More on working with Splines:
Creating Inventor 2D Splines
Constrain Inventor Splines Using Construction LinesDraw Inventor Splines More Accurately 
Control Inventor Splines with Spline Commands

A big thank you to all of the people who's contributions I've listed above.

And here's another link with 101 Autodesk Inventor productivity tips you can use right now!