Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Networked Seat of Inventor Won't Start / Doesn't Respond When Opened

One of your networked seats of Inventor was working fine, and now suddenly it has just stopped working. The other seats using the network license are still working fine, and this seat can "see" the license server, but still you can not get Inventor to start. When you click the Inventor icon you see the Inventor.exe appear in the active processes for just a moment and then it disappears from the list. Other than that there is no indication that clicking the icon is doing anything. No crash report, no error dialogs. Do you have to reinstall?

(Possible) Solution:
There may be multiple issues that will result in the behavior described above, but I recently encountered one situation that was resolved quite easily after trying several other things. In this case a couple of our Inventor work stations lost power due to a severe thunderstorm. One of them suddenly wouldn't run Inventor. The final solution was to browse to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ADLM and delete (or temporarily rename/hide) the file called CascadeInfo.cas 

This file can become corrupt in some situations and create the non-responsive behavior upon start up, as described earlier. When you delete (rename/hide) the file, Inventor will look for it and re-create if it is not found.

This solution might not resolve this issue for you, but it is something to try if you are having this problem.

I found this solution online, but didn't think to record where I ran across it. Most likely it was posted by an Autodesk employee who had an understanding of how the *.cas file is used or some Inventor user that had resolved the issue by following some advice from Autodesk technical support. In any case, thank you to whomever shared this information. I'm posting it here in hopes that other users might find it in some future search to solve this issue.