Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Associate a Text Note With a Drawing View

When you move a drawing view around the sheet, your text notes do not stay in position relative to the view. Isn't there a way to associate the text to the view?
An Example Text Note

Moving the View

The Note Doesn't Travel with the View

To do this you can use the Leader Text tool to place the text with a leader,  and then remove the leader. The result is that the text note will hold its position relative to the view in the event that the view is repositioned on the sheet.

To start you will use the Leader Text tool found on the Annotate tab while working with an Inventor IDW or DWG file:

 Enter the text for your note:

 Although it's not required that you do so, recall that you can use iProperties in your text notes to call intelligent information into the note. Here the Part Number iProperty from the model file is being added to the note. If the Part Number were to change, the note will automatically update:

You can then add some other text to the note after the intellgent iProperty:

 You might also want to format the text justification or other text properties at this point:

Once the note is complete and placed on the page, you can right-click on the leader and choose Delete Leader from the menu:

Once the leader is deleted, you can adjust the position of text as needed. And then when you move the drawing view the text will travel with it: